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Welcome to Lifestyle Vacation Club

We welcome you, with great pleasure, to Lifestyle Vacation Club - your key to a world of fabulous holiday options and a lifetime of first class holidays. We have developed and established the ultimate leisure and lifestyle commodity - a phenomenal vacation portfolio, in order to afford you the holiday choices that suit your lifestyle - now and in the future. The ultimate flexibility and holiday value of your Credits, ensures that you are able to make holiday choices that suit your lifestyle and will continue to meet those needs as they evolve and change with time.

Featured Resorts

Beyond our borders, an African adventure awaits... Beyond our South African borders lies a vast and magical terrain, waiting to be explored and understood. Africa is the home of rare and magnificent beauty; unspoiled and indescribable to those who haven't been there. For a true African adventure and the opportunity to experience Africa's majestic spirit for yourself, we invite you to use your portfolio for a truly unforgettable holiday at one of our stunning African resorts.


Please note that for 2017, the Cancellation Fee will increase from R 550.00 to R 590.00.

Please note, for your protection, strict security protocols are followed when dealing with queries in regards to your portfolio.. For member verification purposes, please ensure you have your ID number, postal address, e-mail address and cell number on hand when calling in. Should you wish to provide access to your portfolio to a third party, or allow a third party to transact on your behalf, they will require a full Power of Attorney in order to do so.
Click here to download the Power of Attorney Appointment Letter.
For more information please contact the Call Centre.

Remember, don't lose out on any unused Club Credits at the end of the year. We would hate to see you lose out when you could be cruising around by the beach, taking a stroll through the woods or listening to the hippos grunt and roar. Not sure what to do with your unused or left over Club Credits and don't want to lose out? Give us a call on 012 492 1230 to discuss your options.

Wish you could use your Club Credits, but just don't have the time or resources to squeeze in that last 2016 holiday? DAE has you covered. You can "Space Bank" (deposit) your Club Credits with DAE in exchange for a credit of the same value. Your currency on DAE will remain valid for 3 years, before you would need to exchange it. Kind of like buying some extra time so that you can go on holiday at a more convenient time. Maybe even at a new and exciting destination! DAE also offers wonderful international accommodation options, so be sure to check them out.
Click here to visit the DAE website?

Please note that significant chalet/unit upgrades for Caribbean Estates will commence from February 2017. The upgrades are scheduled and planned in such a manner so as to cause as little disruption as possible to our guests. We apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused.